Introducing the revolutionary BLADE Series

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Seraphim Blade half size cell modules, available through BSL Eco Energy

BSL Eco Energy is proud to announce the arrival of the new BLADE SERIES from Seraphim.

The Blade Series boasts two identical parts, each comprising cells that are half the size of ordinary solar cells. Instead of 6 internal strings of cells, the series has 2 X 6 shorter ones – resulting in dramatically improved performance.

Six strings are connected in a series per block, and the two blocks connected in parallel. A split junction box is positioned in the middle of the module to output current.

How the Blade solar module by Seraphim Energy works
How the Blade solar module by Seraphim Energy works

Conventional modules

Blade modules

Key features of the BLADE SERIES

Lower current, lower internal loss
Cutting cells into half allow the current in the strings to also halve, which helps to decrease internal loss caused by internal resistance

Lower current, less mismatch loss
Cutting cells into half decreases current in the string, thereby decreasing the current difference between high and low current cells. This reduces losses due to mismatch.

Half cells, more light reflection between cells
Using half cells increases the space between cells, improving light absorption

Parallel connection circuit, less shading effect
Lower current and partial parallel connection circuits allows Blade modules to have lower hot spot temperatures when faced with the same shading circumstances as conventional modules.

Seraphim Blade vs Conventional solar modules

Less shading effect

In traditional modules, the power of the entire module is significantly reduced even with partial shading. However, for the Blade Series, partial shading will only affect the half of the shaded module – the other half will continue to operate at full capacity.

The graph below shows the effect of shading on Conventional vs Blade modules.

Seraphim Blade vs Conventional solar modules

For more information and to download Blade data sheets, please visit our Solar Modules page.