A disrupted electricity supply can be inconvenient, uncomfortable and a real barrier to business. However, our high-quality hybrid inverter system guarantees continuous energy with zero hassle and virtually no ongoing costs.

GoodWe Hybrid Inverter - exclusive in Malaysia by BSL Eco Energy

GW5048D-ES | GW3648D-ES

Single Phase
ES Series

The system allows you to store unused capacity, so you can convert and direct power to where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

  • Protect your family and business from power disruptions
  • Do away with clunky, smelly diesel generators
  • Maxise efficiency by detecting energy usage patterns

How it works

BSL Eco Energy - How hybrid inverter works
BSL Eco Energy - How hybrid inverter works

When there is power from the grid

  1. Battery stores energy for later use
  2. Energy is also used directly

When there is no power from the grid

  1. The system immediately kicks in
  2. Battery supplies stored energy
  3. Therefore appliances will keep running seamlessly