BSL Eco Energy is proud to represent Kstar inverters in Malaysia. Kstar is an award-winning technology enterprise based in Shenzhen that develops and manufactures high quality products and provides full services to over 90 countries.

Kstar provides clients with integrated solutions for photovoltaic inverters, including PV array combiner boxes, DC power distribution cabinets, isolation transformers, turnkey stations and monitoring systems.

Kstar has supplied inverters to landmark PV projects globally including the world’s largest PV plant in Bahawalpur, Punjap (900MW) and Astrakhan, Russia (230W). Kstar believes strongly in R&D, with over USD1,911 million invested in 2017 alone, and nearly 500 employees dedicated to R&D.

Worldwide service network
12 international branches
24/7 response and support
Over 480 dedicated R&D personnel
5GW of PV inverter shipments in 2017
226 international and domestic patents
MyHijau Certification

Grid string-tied inverter range

Kstar boasts a wide range of string grid tied inverters, designed for high efficiency, cost effectiveness, modular expansion and easy installation. The range includes single, dual and triple MPPT series

Central grid-tied inverter range

KStar Central Grid Tied inverters, distributed by BSL Eco Energy

Kstar’s range of central inverters come with or without a transformer to suit various installation requirements.

Other features include:

  • Over 25 years lifespan
  • Strong compatibility, easy expansion
  • High performance cooling system and safety design
  • MPPT efficiency of above 99.9%
  • Built in redundancy control circuits and over-sized metalized film capacitors for safety and reliability

GSL Series

550kW | 630kW | 750kW

GSL High Efficiency Series


Hybrid inverters

Our hybrid inverters are the perfect solution for grid independence, and can be adapted for both grid tied and off grid installations. 

Popularly used for self-consumption, this series is compatible with both lead-acid and lithium ion batteries. The inverters feature optimal battery charging and discharging capabilities to extend battery life, IP65 protection and can be wall mounted to save space.

Download full catalogue

Full KSTAR PV inverter catalogue