BSL Eco Energy is pleased to be the exclusive distributor for Seraphim solar panels in Malaysia. Seraphim is a Tier 1 Solar Module Maker known worldwide for its commitment to quality, excellence and innovation. Seraphim offers a robust portfolio to meet the diversified needs of customers.

Top ranked power output in Photon Laboratory’s outdoor module tests since 2011

First to pass the TUV SUD ‘Thresher Test’ globally – a test three times harder than the IEC

100% automatic production lines to enable 20% higher production efficiency and 10% lower production costs.

MyHijau certified solar modules

Seraphim solar modules MyHijau certified

Seraphim’s Blade and Standard Series range of solar panels are MyHijau certified, denoting compliance to global environmental standards. MyHijau is Malaysia’s official green labelling scheme endorsed by the Government of Malaysia. Click on the following links to download the relevant MyHijau certificates.

About MyHijau

High Voltage and Standard Series

Designed to withstand higher voltages of 1500V, the Seraphim High Voltage Series is an effective solution for large-scale installations. Seraphim’s standard modules are a reflection of the company’s commitment to Safety, Reliability and Performance.

  • Outstanding power output capacity at low irradiance
  • Top rank in Photon Yield measurement
  • Compatible with both 1000V and 1500V system voltages
  • Suitable for traditional mounting systems

Blade Series

The Blade Series boasts two identical parts, each comprising cells that are half the size of ordinary solar cells. Instead of 6 internal strings of cells, the series has 2 X 6 shorter ones – resulting in dramatically improved performance. 

  • Unique design effectively deals with mismatch between the cells caused by shading , performance degradation etc
  • Shorter ribbon length cuts power loss by nearly 6%
  • Higher yield due to better shading response and reduced hot spot effect
  • Superior light absorption due to increased space between cells.

Eclipse Series

The Eclipse Series is the result of breakthrough technology from Seraphim’s research labs. The panels boast higher module efficiencies, and significantly lower BOS costs. They’re also beautifully designed, making them a top choice for discerning homeowners and businesses who wish to maximise the solar potential of limited roof spaces.

Seraphim Eclipse Series solar panels
  • Up to 21.1% module efficiency
  • 15% more power output
  • More than 15% BOS cost saved
  • TUV SUD and CSA group certified
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Enhanced reliability and durability


Seraphim EZBox Series

The EZBox Series is the best choice for MW-scale projects. It features a unique separate junction box design, resulting in the following benefits:

  • 3-way design saves cable length and busbar use
  • Series resistance is lowered, improving power efficiency
  • Optimised module connections reduce installation time and costs
  • Prevents diode overheating, thus leading to improved safety
  • Better heat dissipation

Dual Glass Series

Seraphim’s unique Dual Glass Series are frameless, and utilise two heat strengthened glass sheets to encapsulate solar cells within.

  • Excellent fire safety
  • Lower power degradation and higher power yield
  • Able to withstand harsh environments, with better resistance to sand, salt mist, ammonia, etc.
  • Special encapsulating material and dual glass structure reduce hydrolysis effect and snail trails


Solaris is an innovative AC solution that can increase output by 25% compared to DC arrays, making them an ideal solution for residential and small-sized commercial PV systems. The panels utilise micro-inverters, which can significantly reduce the impact of shading to specific modules

  • Optimised performance for shaded panels
  • 25% higher energy output compared to DC arrays
  • Easy system design and assembly
  • Excellent productivity in weak light conditions
  • Multiple platform monitoring system
Solaris datasheet
Seraphim Solaris solar panels

DC Optimizer solution

Seraphim DC Optimizer solution is a module that has been integrated with an advanced smart platform, enabling you to choose the exact options you need from five levels of functionality: diodes, monitoring, safety, optimisation or long strings.

DC Optimiser datasheet
  • Optimize energy harvest with increased efficiency
  • Design uneven strings across multiple orientations
  • Fit more modules on any roof with the option to install more later
  • Reduce installation costs and components
  • Quickly isolate and fix defective components with module-level monitoring
  • Troubleshoot in real-time
  • Track array performance over time
  • Stay safe with module-level voltage shutoff