BSL Eco Energy - Total EPCC services

With proven expertise in every aspect of the solar PV business, we are committed to working with you to provide customised solutions that suit your needs. We can provide a total solution package, comprising all our services below, or selected services as required.


We design every installation to maximise energy output and lower costs. Every project is different. Factors like the weather, soil, wind, topography and local irradiance are important considerations when designing the plant, selecting technology and configuring systems.


A key strength of our team is our expertise in optimising the entire balance of system (BOS). BOS encompasses all components of the solar PV system including wiring, switches, the mounting system, solar inverters, batteries and chargers.


Our extensive experience and network of contacts in related industries enables us to negotiate and supply products and services that suit the project at the best terms possible.


We are able to increase the stability of the integration between your solar PV
installation and the grid through a revolutionary plant control system that
incorporates forecasting and energy scheduling capabilities.


BSL Eco Energy’s network of contractors are qualified and experienced, assuring the highest levels of quality. Our construction services are well known for meeting time and cost deadlines, and for being in total compliance with local regulations.


We provide our clients with a complete solar Operations and Maintenance service to maximise the performance of their solar PV installations across the globe. Our monitoring system uses state-of-the-art technology and allows both onsite and remote monitoring.

Our expertise

BSL Eco Energy areas of expertise - Roof mounted installations

Roof mounted installations

BSL Eco Energy areas of expertise - off grid installations

Ground mounted installations

BSL Eco Energy areas of expertise - ground mounted installations

Off grid systems

BSL Eco Energy areas of expertise - BIPV installations

BIPV systems