About Net Energy Metering

BSL Eco Energy offers Net Energy Metering (NEM) expertise. NEM is a program that allows you to generate energy using solar for your own consumption whilst exporting any surplus to the grid. Under the program, residents, businesses and commercial bodies have the opportunity to significantly lower energy bills using clean, free energy from the sun.

In recent years, the soaring popularity of solar PV has caused a drastic drop in upfront costs. This is making net metering a more attractive investment than ever before.

How much can I save?

The best way to get a clearer savings estimate is by having one of our experts over for a site survey and discussion.

Investment and returns costs vary greatly according to factors such as

  • your system size
  • exposure to sunlight
  • materials and equipment
  • electricity usage patterns and tariff rates.

A case study based on a 1MW system installed in a commercial factory projects yearly savings of up to RM700,000 on electricity costs. This means a break even period of about 7 years (based on a tariff of RM0.509 per kW and 4 hours of peak sun per day).

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How does Net Metering work?

  1. When there is sunlight, electrical devices are powered by solar energy
  2. Excess energy is channelled to the grid through the NEM meter.
  3. The NEM meter records the amount as credit against your next electricity bill (currently RM0.32 per kWh)
  4. When insufficient power is generated by the solar system, electrical devices will be powered by the grid.
BSL Eco Energy - How does net metering work?