UTM students embrace solar solution

By March 21, 2018 No Comments
BSL Eco Energy information board information board at UTM

Every day, hundreds of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia students file out of their lecture halls and weave their way across the campus grounds. In their busyness, not many take the time to look up at the 70,640 sq ft car park roof that shields their cars from the the blistering sun and pelting rain.

UTM’s outdoor carpark roof is actually made out of solar panels and they provide shade to 145 cars and 112 motorcycles. The 1MW array is the only solar installation of its size in KL City Centre – a veritable anomaly in a metropolis where land prices soar to the millions.

To increase awareness of the installation to the UTM community, BSL Eco  Energy erected an information board along the University’s busiest pedestrian walkway.

The board explains the Feed-In-Tariff mechanism, how the solar system works and key statistics relating to the installation.

The installation is estimated to displace 913,500 kg of Co2 per year and generate enough to power 420 homes every month.

BSL Eco Energy information board information board at UTM